Frederick J Payne, Jr., CFP®

Chief Executive
Chief Compliance Officer

Fred Payne has been in the financial services field since 1985 working primarily with Wealth Management clients and qualified retirement plans. Although he started in the brokerage business, his services then principally involved consulting on third-party portfolio management. In 1995, he founded Retirement Plan Service Corp, one of the predecessor companies to the business unit that became Heintzberger Payne & Co., LLC—an actuarial and recordkeeping business subsidiary sold by NWCM in April, 2016. Because of his experience as a third-party administrator, Fred has extensive knowledge of the technical and regulatory aspects of retirement plan operations. He is uniquely suited to advise retirement plan clients in all aspects of their plans, be they investments, benefit design or regulatory compliance.

However, Fred has always considered himself first and foremost an investment advisor and is a voting member of NWCM’s Investment Committee. He earned the Certified Financial Planner® designation in 1996 to better advise his wealth management clients. In 1998, he transitioned his investment practice to his own firm when he first registered Northwest Capital Management, Inc. with the SEC.

Fred is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

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