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It’s not Netflix, but it’s as entertaining!

Financial topics need not remain a mystery, nor do you have to become an investment expert (and possibly put us out of a job!).  With a better understanding of some basic concepts, you can become a more successful investor. We’ve produced a number of very short videos on investment topics–each 2 to 4 minutes in length–arranged in broad categories to help you better select the video that may be of interest. Give us your feedback on our videos, or suggest topics for new ones!

Retirement Video Series

Let NWCM help you determine achievable retirement goals and wisely invest your retirement savings...

Yes, Way Too Much Jargon!

Not much effort is required to understand the basics of investing -- and its jargon. Know the lingo and you'll have a better retirement.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Not making a decision about how to invest your savings in the company's retirement plan is actually an investment decision.

Pick a Number, Any Number

The starting point for knowing how much risk is appropriate for your investments can be as simple as picking the year you plan on retiring.

Getting Into the Weeds

By now, you should be fairly knowledgable about investing. These videos will "up your game" and make you a better investor.